Erasmus+: Announcement of the First Selected Group For KeTLOD postgraduate course co-funded by EU Erasmus+

KeTLOD is a co-funded project by the Erasmus+ programme of European Union, aiming at promoting the professionalization in organ donation by creating the first postgraduate course in the Chinese universities. Began with the release of KeTLOD recruitment information this August, followed by the process of registration, participants selection by local universities and the approval section by EU univerisites, the final result of the first group of EU Eramus+ KeTLOD scholarship (2017-2018) holders is to announce as the following:

Selected Groups by 7 Chinese Universities (Erasmus + KeTLOD 2017-2018)

Participants Interview in Nanchang University

The KeTLOD scholorship offer

Started from this October, these selected health care professionals will go through different training modules in 7 universities and the corresponding EU-CN clinical training base. There will be an international seminar held in May 2018, in where all of the participants and the experts from 10 universitieswould gather for a week-long face-to-face training followed by the finalexamination and the dissertation defense.

The World Health Organization, the Central European Organization for Organizational Donation and Transplant Management (Left: Huang Jiefu: Jose Nunez right: Marty Man Yaliqi)

Since the promotion of The Belt and Road Initiative, China and Europe have carried out aseries of programs which have proved very fruitful, including the KeTLOD project launched last October. The WHO, China organ donation and transplant committee and the DTI have been fully supporting the implementation of KeTLOD. All of us believe that China-EU friendship is bound to continue to flourish, and the core value of organ donation will pass on from one generation to another with the joint efforts of these youth KeTLOD praticipants and colleagues in the filed.