EU-CHINA KeTLOD Project Closure!

Final Meeting & Media Event in Guangzhou, China

On 1-2 September 2018, the Final Meeting & Media Event of the EU-CHINA KeTLOD Project was held in Guangzhou, China.

The Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University welcomed more than 15 professionals from 13 partner institutions established in Europe and China.

During the Final Meeting all the partners worked together to achieve the following objectives: to review all the activities developed during the project; to discuss the postgraduate program quality and evaluation results; to optimize deliverables and ensure their dissemination; to Constitute a KeTLOD Network on Organ Donation.

The first day was dedicated mainly to the Project Management and Quality control activities. Through workshops and group discussions the further steps were set up for the Project Final Report submission to the European Commission.

On 2nd of September, the Media Event was organised to disseminate the project results. Among the honoured guests were:

  • Mr. Marti Manyalich, DTI President & KeTLOD Project Director, University of Barcelona
  • Mr. Segundo García Fernández, Head of Administration, Spanish Consulate in Canton
  • Mr. Jingdong Li, Vice-Director, Guangdon Branch Red Cross Society of China
  • Mrs. Alice Rubini, Deputy Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou
  • Mr. Matteo Cescon, University of Bologna
  • Mr. Patrick Jambou, University of Nice Sofia Antipolis
  • Mrs. Wenshi Jiang, KeTLOD National Coordinator in China
  • Mr. Linong Huang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Zhujiang Hospital

During the event each Chinese University had a chance to present the implementation and impact of the project on institutional and regional level. This session was followed by the media questions and short discussion.

Moreover, the continuation and transferability of the KeTLOD Postgraduate Program was boosted. The KeTLOD Networking agreement was signed in this regard. Nevertheless, all Chinese Universities searched for different formulas for the future editions, according to their local policies and structures.

In the end of the Media Event the initiative ¨Organ donation, I do!¨ was launched to raise awareness about organ donation in China and to spread knowledge and information how to become a donor.

The Final Meeting end with a visit of the Southern Medical University, Department of the Human Science where a special section of Organ Donation is exposed.

We would like to thank all partners, officials and external experts for contributing to the success of the Final meeting. It was really memorable experience for all of us.