Project Development

Training for Trainers – On line module
15th of March – 16th of May

During this stage three representative from each of the Chinese universities will follow the program in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for further transmitting to other students that will follow the course. The candidates went through a selection process in where their professional profile and their motivation to follow the training were evaluated. The final selected candidates are the ones that will be trained as future trainers. Pedagogical strategy and key concepts on how to teach are the principal objectives of this training stage. Al the materials will be delivered on-line and at the same will be assured an active communication with the European experts during the whole course. Support and assistance will be provided. Periodical video – conferences will be held in order to detect the strong and weak points of the program.

The training for trainers on line will last for 1 month.

Training for Trainers – Face to Face module
22-25th of May

Once the online phase will be finished the 21 experts will come in Barcelona to follow the Face To Face training for five days. During this phase all the KeTLOD consortium experts will participate in active workshops and will prove their ability as teachers in Organ Donation concepts. At the same time the contents of KeTLOD will be discussed and the comments for the improvement will be presented bu the chinese experts. The final version of the academic content of the KeTLOD curriculum will be translated in Chinese.

Midterm project meeting – Barcelona
26th of May

The KeTLOD project celebrates its half way to the accomplishment on the 26th of May. All the KeTLOD partners and main stakeholders of the project will gather together in a meeting in where will be discussed the whole project activity. Dissemination strategy and the dissemination activities performed so far will be presented and feedback from the partners will be required. This meeting will have a focus also on the financial and management activity of the project. A help desk with the project manager will be organized.

KeTLOD postgraduate opening in the 7 Chinese universities
October 2016- June 2017

After completing the online training the Chinese experts will start the procedures to open and register the postgraduate in their universities. At this phase are included all the activities that needs to be performed in order to achieve the accreditation at High Education level of the KeTLOD program. Simultaneously, they would start the informing campaign for the students who are interested to follow this postgraduate KeTLOD. The profile required for the students is already established during the meeting in Barcelona. Each university will have a limit of 20 students enrolled in KeTLOD program. The students will follow the course for a whole academic year (October 2017- June 2018). The study program will be divided in:

  1. Local seminars.
  2. On-line module.
  3. Face to Face.
  4. Dissertation postgraduate research work.
Face to face for KeTLOD student Beijing
May 2018

140 students from the seven Chinese universities will participate in the International face to face seminar that is planned to be in Beijing on May 2018. For a period of 5 days the students will be engaged in practical workshops to improve their skills following the “learn by doing” methodology. The European experts together with the 21 already trained experts from China will lead the face to face training.

Diploma delivery
September 2018

All the students that will successfully complete the postgraduate will be issued with a diploma recognized by the High Education Institutions in China and in Europe. The KeTLOD diploma is equal to 25 ECTS.

Final meeting
October 2018

On October 2018 KeTLOD project will be finalized and a final meeting will be organized. The objectives of the meeting are to retrospectively evaluate the outcomes of the project and prospectively to propose strategies of continuity. The meeting is planned to be held in Beijing.


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