Students of Capital Medical University affiliated Primary School on the green field to promote organ donation voluntarily

Since the Capital Medical University and the Affiliated Beijing You’an Hospital joined the Knowledge Transfer and Leadership in Organ Donation from Europe to China(KeTLOD), medical staffs of You’an Hospital have conducted many organ donation promotion campaign. Recently joining them voluntarily, are the teachers and students of Capital Medical University’s affiliated elementary school near the hospital. Held on August 3rd 2017, a Beijing primary school football league named Hundred Team Cup, small players who are students from affiliated primary school of Capital Medical University wearing “Organ Donation, Big Love” and the KeTLOD project Logo uniforms promoted organ donation through football games on the green field, and let more children, young people and adults participate in this action. Their love has touched many students’ parents at the game.

This year’s Hundred Team Cup league consists of 706 teams with total 6,671 small players participating in this tournament. It is the largest in the recent ten years. After the game, a fourth grade player told people the literal meaning of the words on their T-shirts which are “After death, donate your organ to save others”. He also said he was willing to donate organs to help others. Although these words are from a child, it is full of sincerity. The children say they are willing to promote organ donation because they think it’s a meaningful thing.

Small players from Capital Medical University affiliated primary school have been promoting for organ donation in the Hundred Team Cup football league for the second time consecutively. Let us praise for the children’s love and social responsibility, and sincerely hope that more people will be able to make contribution actively and care about the development of organ donation and create greater social influence!