The First Affiliated Hospital of USTC Joints KeTLOD Project

In May 2018, the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC (Anhui Provincial Hospital) officially joined the “Knowledge Transfer and Leadership in Organ Donation from Europe to China (KeTLOD)” project, and the University of Barcelona, University of Nice, University of Bologna and other international well-known universities joint training organ donation professional direction graduate student. This is the first time in Anhui province.

In the past two years, this hospital has made some breakthroughs in organ donation and transplantation. The hospital OPO was formally established in March 2017. In October 2017, Professor Björn Nashan from the University of Hamburg, Germany, was appointed full-time director of the Organ Transplantation Center and the Organ Transplantation Immunology Laboratory. They have built an organ donation and transplantation center with Anhui characteristics and international standards.

In 2017, they achieved 16 cases of organ donation after citizens’ death, including 3 cases of lung transplantation, 204 cases of kidney transplantation, 1 case of heart transplantation, 5 cases of liver transplantation and 21 cases of corneal transplantation. From 2018 to now, there have been 26 cases of organ donation, including 170 cases of kidney transplantation, 6 cases of lung transplantation, 9 cases of liver transplantation and 30 cases of corneal transplantation.

They have hosted for the first time a Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management (TPM) from the 24th to the 26th of July.

The TPM course was the perfect platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences. A team of international DTI experts from Brazil, France, Spain and Iran joined by a group of excellent local experts had the opportunity of enhancing the expertise of the 45 participants from the Anhui province.

This three-day course aims to inspire the participants by its unique methodology with lectures, workshops and in situ simulation, the innovative approach encourages their motivation and enthusiasm to increase their knowledge and skills.